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Luminous model the application of fluorescent printing ink in advertisement
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Luminous printing ink is to use data of glow of long twilight rare earth, make through high-tech method. Days absorbs sun's rays 10 - 30min, give off light automatically continuously 10h above, still give off light to at dead of night so, it is when Che Hangchi especially in darkness, glow is bright all the more, marked, its form is the same as neon lamp advertisement, neon lamp needs power source ability to give off light, and luminous printing ink need not use phone, save the sources of energy, infinite loop is used, also can call solar energy " neon lamp " advertisement. Luminous printing ink is avirulent and harmless without radiative, life is as long as 10 years of above, luminous model fluorescent printing ink can imprint through screen printing the pattern that gives you to need and character. Design picture should show glow layer, do not want to be enclothed entirely, can reduce glow effect otherwise. Additional, maintain a client to deliver a design master copy as far as possible, if the font in advertisement is gules, so imprint in gules font periphery the luminous printing ink with wide 3cm of on 1.5 ~ , white form of a written or printed character perhaps is shown by blue, imprint inside font on effect of luminous printing ink is much better.

Craft of only clairvoyant ad develops new market for screen printing, reason imprints only clairvoyant network craft introduction is as follows:

One, the preparation before imprinting

The choice of 1. plastic chip and discern

① polyvinyl chloride (PVC) . The exterior: Transparent to opaque, qualitative hard. Combustible: Flame retardant. In blaze combustion shows yellow, flame edge shows green, bai Yan; Have bate appearance, can smell burnt scorching.

② polyethylene (PE) . The exterior: Translucence comes opaque, quality of a material is transparent and filmy. Combustible: Can light in blaze. After leaving blaze slowly go out or continue to burn. The end on the blaze when combustion shows yellow, the lower end shows blue; Have frit of be in harmony, drippy appearance. Can smell olefin flavour.

③ polypropylene (PP) , the exterior and combustible with polyethylene.

④ polyester colophony (PET) , the exterior: Transparent and chip. Combustible: Combustible, leave blaze to continue to burn. Blaze shows yellow, black smoke; Expand slightly, sometimes craze, have styrene taste. Select material is very important, because only clairvoyant ad cannot affect a driver to drive, so fluoroscopy is spent should assure absolutely. Recommending select material of thin clairvoyant film here had better be the PET that passes processing, it is better that printing ink adds exert oneself, can full footprint brushs a requirement. At present market PET coils to become sell, norms is 60cm commonly wide, 500m is long roll.

2. choice printing ink

Breed of series of plastic printing ink is very much, the basis is different bear imprint material, should choose to suit to imprint the printing ink of material property, can cause pecuniary loss otherwise. Before formal batch is produced, should do good test work, prove which brand printing ink suits to imprint material pressworks, once complete form a complete set, do not want to be changed at will. If choose to imprint,material is PET, should choose printing ink of PET screen printing so, consider to use homebred printing ink as far as possible, reduce cost, low price is helpful for the market competing.
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