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Street lamp of LED of Shandong Wei lane year section report 8.9 million degrees
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Learn from MII door, at present Shandong saves Wei lane city to already installed high-power LED street lamp to be close to 11000, the street lamp of different type LED that using everyday section report exceeds 24 thousand degrees, one year section report exceeds 8.9 million degrees, plus the 2 oxidation sulfur that decreases a platoon, carbon dioxide and dust, society and economic benefits are remarkable.

As we have learned, industry of illume of Wei lane semiconductor had been formed from extension piece production, chip makes parts of an apparatus enclose, the product is made and install a relatively complete industry catenary to the application such as semiconductor illumination luminaries again. "915 " during, wei lane municipal government is established annual industry of 200 million yuan new and high technology grows fund, the key is used at giving aid to photoelectron industry grows, support purchases crucial equipment, stimulative product research and development and industrialization. Current, wei lane relies on Shandong Ruisenhuaguang is photoelectron, medium crepuscular electron, Hua Guangxin can wait for an enterprise, formed high-power chip of glow parts of an apparatus is enclosed and the applied product production such as illume of street lamp, landscape and common illume collects the ground; LD canal core is occupational the home market of 70% above, quantity of produce and sale resides the whole nation the first; Product of illume of Bai Guang LED arrives from small-power 100 made of baked clay above, high-power LED sheet is in charge of glow efficiency to exceed 100 lumen / made of baked clay, reach domestic banner level.

To expedite the promotion application of semiconductor illume product, wei lane city still implemented demonstrative project of high-power LED illume, use the street lamp of LED of new-style and efficient energy-saving environmental protection of own development, large-scale promotion uses system of urban green lighting. Current, already installed high-power LED street lamp to be close to 11000, among them illume of the road inside Wei lane high new developed area already changed entirely LED street lamp, inside limits of Wei lane urban district new setup or change street lamp uses LED street lamp entirely, installation of street lamp of LED of each county urban district also is undertaking in. LED street lamp is maintaining road intensity of illumination identical (or more actor) very remarkable energy-saving result showed below the premise of standard of illume of road of ministry of contented construction, actual measurement and photograph of high-pressured natrium lamp compare section report 69% , compare section report with photograph of golden bittern lamp 70% above.