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One citizen develops development of Yantai economy technology " super and energy
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Recently, chen Guangming of citizen of development of Yantai economy technology says, oneself invented light of a kind of harbour super and energy-saving illuminant, broke report to also can give off light.

Chen Guangming says, common lamps and lanterns can lose glow function after cut off the power, do not have necessary lash-up function more, and price of the energy-saving lamp that sells on the market at present, lash-up lamp very expensive, go against gain ground to be used with promotion in people life. Be aimed at these difficult problem, he what like to study studies an experiment through with great concentration, it is OK to invented a kind of harbour light " super and energy-saving illuminant " , use accept rice rare earth to cooperated content to make the parts of an apparatus or appliance that has photon of keep in storage, with common arouse illuminant to combine, form new-style and energy-saving light source.

Mr Chen still introduces this one invention " magical " place. He says, this kind of energy-saving lamps and lanterns still can give off light continuously after cut off the power 3-8 hour, can " Chang Zhaoming is not commonly used report, after power cut still but illume " , can use at life illume, reduced the sources of energy greatly to use up, also reduce expenditure of domestic charge of electricity. Not only such, it still has the function of lash-up lamp, can be when calamity happening, power cut hind produces safe light instantly, side citizen breaks away from dangerous situation.