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Sea letter rolls out China TV of first LED liquid crystal
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4 years ago, namely on June 20, 2004, zhou Houjian of president of sea letter group ever was in the sea letter edifice that is located in Shandong Qingdao to release a problem to be " receive flat TV " rub Er times " " flat is enunciative, establish the flat strategy of sea letter TV; After 4 years on July 9, 2008, believe an edifice in the sea likewise, inc. of electric equipment of Qingdao sea letter (sea of the following abbreviation believes electric equipment) general manager Liu Hong is new announce, the batch of TLM42T08GP of TV of liquid crystal of 42 inches of LED that believes own research and development by the sea appears on the market, this also is the first situation that sea trustworthy uses strategy of flat of Anyview high end.

Liu Hong Xin says on the news briefing: "The sea believes this TLM42T08GP that appears on the market today to have epoch-making sense. " sea letter LED is in a poor light Liu Weidong also weighs leader of group of technical research and development: "Say none exaggeratively, this product has world advanced level. "

Study according to TV of Chinese LED liquid crystal university of expert, Tsinghua teachs Chen Hao bright introduction, regard the liquid crystal that carries illuminant on the back as TV with LED, 4 the most outstanding features are exquisite, life long, energy-saving, environmental protection. And these 4 features reflect the TLM42T08GP that rolls out this in sea letter to go up undoubtedly. The Hong Xin that occupy Liu introduces, this product has energy-saving, environmental protection and gorgeous variety 3 big outstanding functions: Because use,be get used to trends to be in a poor light oneself control technology, realized power comsumption acute to fall 30% , lowest can fall to 50W, service life can amount to 100 thousand hours -- although use 10 hours everyday, also can use 20 years of above; 2 because use LED to carry illuminant on the back,be, and the mould is used entirely accord with standard of RoHS environmental protection and can reclaim, the material that avoids spray is made, arise without any ray, also do not contain the harmful material such as lead, mercury, it is the product of green environmental protection of be worthy of the name; 3 it is color rendition sex good, indication color is rich, colour gamut limits is greatly patulous, perfect and reductive true colour, at the same time dynamic contrast achieves 40000 ∶ 1 above, make bright field, dark field distinct. Besides, the ply of this product is 55mm only, it is the half of TV of common liquid crystal. Sea letter says: "This is the TV of LED liquid crystal with the smallest whole world. "This is the TV of LED liquid crystal with the smallest whole world..