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Magnesium alloy of high-powered rare earth reachs the application that its get o
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The northeast of Chinese Academy of Sciences that applies chemical institute and one steam group to cast limited company to assume by Changchun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences revitalizes action of science and technology to plan major project " magnesium alloy of high-powered rare earth and the application that its get on in the car " , basically be it is difficult to solve rare-earth element the difficult problem with inhomogenous composition of the alloy after join and be being joined, to rare-earth element at the same time the action mechanism in magnesium alloy has thorough research. The excel in that research and development has own intellectual property, heat-resisting, fight magnesium alloy of creep rare earth, solve new-style rare earth magnesium alloy is on car component goods fluidity of fusion craft, die-casting craft, alloy is bad, fill model the crucial technology such as difficulty. Drive rare earth magnesium alloy to apply in car component domain, promote our country standard of magnesium alloy application in the round. The project already finished a lab small try, the model tries and 100 tons / try in year, building 1000 tons / year buy of labour trial assembly. Developed engine of 460 horsepower derv cylinder of rare earth magnesium alloy overspreads a lid, realize 40 thousand / year productivity.

Project progress general situation

"Magnesium alloy of high-powered rare earth and the application that its get on in the car " since the project is started, industrialization goes well. Right in June 2005 " cylinder overspreads a lid " , " air inlet duct " undertake computer simulation, structure and exterior are designed, use numeric simulation software lukewarm to its accuse, gating system undertakes imitate; By the design the requirement casts new-style alloy, undertake the constituent function token of new-style alloy. In December 2005, finish 800 tons, 1000 tons of installation with die casting machine of 1400 tons of magnesium alloy and debug, begin trial production; Undertake adjustment to the fusion craft of rare earth magnesium alloy, press the alloy fusion craft of cast in order to achieve magnesium alloy of first-rate rare earth. Used software of PRO/CAST, FLLOW-3D in March 2006, cylinder of magnesium alloy of rare to engine of 460 horsepower derv earth overspreads a lid to undertake imitate is analysed, through reasonable design path of thermal current of gating system, mould is reached optimize craft of magnesium alloy die-casting, achieve the gas in reducing magnesium alloy to press cast and loose content, raise magnesium alloy to press the density of cast, improve magnesium alloy to control the mechanical function of cast. Course die-casting craft is adjusted, finished cylinder to overspread the trial-produce of the lid, passed engine bench test, finalize the design production, design ability 40 thousand / year. Undertook magnesium alloy of other rare earth controls the development of cast in October 2007, be like: Engine of red flag car is fought twist bracket, nimble amounts to engine valve room to overspread a lid, xiali gear-box housing, clutch carapace, framework of chair of red flag saddle, gear-box upper cover, for rare earth magnesium alloy the industrialization application on more car component prepares.
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