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Fluid of new-style alloy plating obtains college of Jiangxi grain industry the c
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Recently, the — of cobalt of “ tungsten — that by Jiangxi manage is versed in college researcher develops a success is rare bureau of intellectual property of country of classics of ” of alloy plating fluid approves earth, win national patent (classified date: C25D3/56I) . According to introducing, the recipe of ” of alloy plating fluid includes rare land of cobaltic — of “ tungsten — natrium of tungsten acerbity natrium, vitriolic cobalt, rare earth, sodium chloride, citric acid, tartaric acid Potassium, shining additive and mixture of auxiliary sth resembling a net, use multivariate subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy eletroplates with what agent and rare earth comprise fluid, dropped the temperature of preparation alloy film, the process that apply plating need not be added lukewarm, raised the deposition rate of film. And, eletroplate all sorts of chemical reagents in fluid recipe are small to environmental harm, craft is stable, solution composition is simple and safeguard adjust convenient, stability is good, after making up can deposit for a long time, the mist that do not have acid is given off, working environment is good, efficiency is tall, can reduce the chromic film that produces in process of alloy of rare earth of cobaltic — of — of our country tungsten at present effectively the serious pollution to the environment.