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Hunan coloured invests city of 600 million yuan of in sight to prepare to constr
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Recently, concerned Hunan nonferrous metal accuses a group to establish central academy of finite liability company can grind the report passed expert evaluation. Hunan coloured group announces, will head period invest classics of county of city of 600 million yuan of in sight to open an area to build coloured the academy central, stimulative group by the resource change to science and technology enterprise, change enterprise is in situation of endmost of global industry catenary.
This will be first market that Hunan enterprise establishs base of hatch of research center, enterprise and base of project of industrialization of new and high technology the central academy at an organic whole. He Renchun of president of Hunan coloured group expresses, in the center of Hunan coloured after academy building, will rely on advantage of nonferrous metal resource, accelerate process of industrialization of new and high technology, realize base of resource of Hunan nonferrous metal hard to the whole nation the transition of base of base of main nonferrous metal property and research and development of product of new and high technology upgrades.

"Mine boss " strategy of change whole world
As our country with crop calculative the biggest nonferrous metal (divide aluminium beyond) integrated production business, hunan coloured has the speech that comparative to counterpoise on a variety of main strategy resource: China of plumbic zinc crop the biggest, world the 3rd, whole world of crop of goods of antimonial, tungsten, hard alloy the first, main strategy resource -- the reserve whole world of tungsten, bismuth the first.
However, because industry of its nonferrous metal stays on the supply of raw material merely, resemble at the endmost Hunan coloured of coloured industry catenary " mine boss " , can enjoy the meager gain that sells raw material only. 2007, the sales revenue of Hunan coloured group exceeds 28 billion yuan, but profit margin is 5 % only. And the Swedish hill that devotes oneself to high-end product is special Wei Ke group, because mastering 4300 multinomial and patent skill, the additional cost of its product exceeded the value of the nonferrous metal raw material that its use far, profit margin is as high as 17 % .
"The intensive of mineral products resource changes the high-tech of application and coloured product to turn the basic tide that already made nonferrous metal trade, of earthly environment bear the weight of the quantity also decided nonferrous metal industry will be the industry with highest enrichment of prospective green technology, and the demerit that this is Hunan coloured. " Yan Zhiwei of minister of department of estate of Hunan coloured science and technology expresses, in the center of construction Hunan coloured academy, build the technical innovation platform of coloured industry, the mark wears this to depend on whole world of strategic metal dominate exclusively " mine boss " the luxuriant face about in beginning strategy of its whole world.
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