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Information of achievement of Hunan science and technology is released
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Industrial boiler personal computer is distributing center control a system
With this system controallable stage or one much stage boiler, market news report, control management, image at an organic whole, the operation is simple rate of convenient, automation is high, the function is all ready, the accident is forecasted, the accident is diagnosed, a variety of functions such as trouble removal and lash-up measure, this system applies to furnace of the industrial boiler of all sorts of types and grade, kiln, heating furnace, the process that also applies to the industry such as metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical, electric power at the same time is controlled. This project ranks domestic banner level, market prospect is capacious.

Nicety of tall stability of the condition that be not brilliant adds up to golden resistor

This project uses the new-style tall stable nicety that develops by oneself to resistor alloy material is machined and be become, fasten alloy resistor than current and commonly used Ni-Cr low an amount class, and stability of high temperature area is much better, already reached the function target that imports tall stable and accurate resistor. The resistor that makes by this material is domestic initiate, international is advanced level. The product can apply extensively at nicety to measure (contain electronic balance to wait) , communication, accuse oneself, in all sorts of accurate electron instruments of the computer and martial side. This project already included plan at national level torch, already finished those who produce flow to try at present move.

The technology of pulverization law preparation of imperceptible metal powder

Imperceptible metal powder is a kind of main fundamental industry raw material, market prospect is very good. Combinative state tackles key problem project research job, founded first multistage is fast and caky milling theory and technology, invented device of a series of multistage pulverization milling, can mass production is not powder of microcrystalline and brilliant, accurate brilliant, imperceptible metal about a hundred kinds. This technology considers to make clear via application, the imperceptible powder of the metal such as all sorts of aluminium that can be used extensively at biology of pulverous metallurgy, car, space navigation, metallurgy, electron, chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection, home appliance to wait for place of field of new and high technology to need, copper, silver-colored, stannum, zinc and its alloy. Project product integral performance reachs home banner, international has a kind first, have positive result of 4 technical appraisement, 3 inventions are patent, be judged twice to be Hunan Province early or late achievement of 10 old science and technology, obtain a country to invent third class award, country to teach appoint progress of science and technology is second-class the multinomial award such as award.
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