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Chinese division assist brief of forum of scientist of the 171st youth
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By Chinese division assist sponsor, college of industry of Hua Dong grain is specific undertaking Chinese division assist forum of scientist of the 171st youth in July 2008 4 - be versed in in Huadongli the university is held 6 days. This the theme of forum is " rare earth purifies medium application in catalysis of poisonous, harmful gas " , come from university of Zhejiang university, Nanjing university, Fudan University, Beijing University, Tsinghua, Dalian to manage Changchun of physical institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences applies chemistry of Dalian of university of Normal University of university of industry of university of chemical industry of work college, Beijing, oil university, Beijing, Zhejiang, Yantai, Chinese Academy of Sciences research center of environment of zoology of chemical institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Wang Shudong of institute of physics of chemistry of Dalian of professor of weed of Guo of college of industry of Hua Dong grain, Fudan University Professor Zhou Ming flying, Chinese Academy of Sciences's researcher and Yantai university Professor Qi Caixia hold the position of the executive chairman of this second forum.
Around the theme, those who be aimed at natural resources of our country rare land is tall qualitative, efficient, balanced the significant demand that use and strengthens industry of environmental protection of environmental protection, development, the catalysis mechanism of the design of expert attending the meeting with respect to material of rare earth catalysis and preparation, rare earth, and material of rare earth catalysis purified the application in the process to spread out a harangue in catalysis of air pollution content. Conference report went out to study the main learning viewpoint inside limits and the problem that face, exchanged the academic point of view of a lot of innovation sexes, offerred a lot of constructive opinions, report gives following progress and reach consensus.
One, the main learning point of view that forum place reflects and newest research make progress
1, energy-saving decreasing a platoon is the turning point that efficient, Gao Zhili uses resource of rare earth of stimulative our country
Our country is big country of rare land natural resources, consider and take seriously what development gets a government all the time of rare earth material highly. As rare earth depart, rare earth material of magnetically hard material, glow the rapid development that wait, certainly will causes the symbiosis, tall abundance rare-earth element that produces in all a large number of keep long in stock, those who bring about our country rare earth to use is serious lopsided. Accelerate as what our country industrialization and city change a course, problem of atmosphere environment pollution is increasingly serious. The rapid development of structural adjustment of the sources of energy of current our country and environmental protection industry provided the mainest application platform and vast demand space for material of rare earth catalysis. Use the dominant position of natural resources of our country rare land, develop material of high-powered rare earth catalysis energetically, to promoting the innovation of technology of domain of our country environmental protection, the appliance of high qualitative, efficient profit that realizes rare land natural resources then has great real sense.
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