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Law of oxidation of activator of 8 liquefaction catalytic cracking takes off RMS
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Summary: Fine Yao knocking at a model stops beat of Yuan Ang  activator of?8 liquefaction catalytic cracking is raw material, inspected the effect taking off vanadium of oxidation law and pickling law. The result makes clear, tuo Fan rate is concerned with catharsis condition not only, and concern with the condition of oxidation roast. When oxidation roast time is same, the effect taking off vanadium of different catharsis solution is distinct also, among them 2 mixture solution take off 2 O of oxalic acid and H rate of better; Tuo Fan follows vanadium effect to increase and increase of catharsis frequency, oxidation roast time and temperature also have distinct effect to taking off vanadium effect. In other condition same situation falls, oxidation time is longer, oxidation temperature is higher, the rate that take off vanadium is higher also. The angle that restores from active looks, when Tuo Fan rate is inferior, the active of activator can get resumptive for the most part. But go further raise Tuo Fan to lead, active to activator refreshment is affected not quite.
Keyword: ; of rate of Tuo Fan of; of activator of? of ひ of  of crow of  of dice  Fu revives; oxidizes law of law; pickling
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One of features of our country crude oil are nickel content tall vanadium content is low, but increase what process a volume as entrance crude oil ceaselessly, liquefaction catalytic cracking (FCC) the case that activator vanadium pollutes is more and more severe, and the vanadium destruction to activator effect is a lot of bigger than nickel. Engineering technology used t of e of D e m above all the method of oxidation and catharsis, the rate that take off vanadium can achieve 70% above [1] . An Jiuyu [the useless FCC activator that 2] develops can make nickel rate achieves 70% ~ 90% , the rate that take off vanadium can be amounted to 20% . Wu Guozhi [3] developed LDEM craft to be able to make N i , v, of F e take off except rate it is 60% ~ respectively 85% , 30% ~ 45% , 30% ~ 40% . F u [4] uses ammonium salt and toxic the activator after has ion exchange, the active of activation agent has very big rise, handle via S b passivator again, can reduce H apparently 2 yield. n of i of E l v [the FCC after 5] uses ammonium salt and solution of rare earth compound to be handled to passing method of etc of chloridize, vulcanization balances activator (the Y zeolite that contains USY and rare land exchange) had ion exchange, discover vulcanization and chloridize processing are helpful for taking off except heavy metal, the ion exchange of ammonium salt and rare earth is helpful to raising the active of activator. The author uses the method of oxidation and pickling, to containing the RMS with taller vanadium 8 FCC activator undertakes Tuo Fan studies.
1 experiment method
The property of activator of 1.1   FCC
The FCC activator that uses in the experiment is the RMS that place of the 2nd catalysis offers triumphal refinery 8 model FCC balances an agent. Those who balance an agent is small turn over active for 48.6% , aperture bulk is 0.29 m L / g , the area that compare a list is g of 68 m 2/ , bulk cubage density is 0.86 g / m L, average size is 69.1 μ m , f e content is 3190 μ g / g , n i content is 3470 μ g / g , v content is 4984 μ g / g .
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