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Jiang Mianheng inspects Changchun to should change place
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On August 29, jiang Mianheng of assistant dean of Chinese Academy of Sciences inspected Changchun to should change place all right, jiang Mianheng visited Changchun to should change a science and technology to exhibit base of center of house, aggregate base, photoelectricity, treatment, go to before drive car next new and high developing zone, inspected magnesium alloy base, listened to Changchun to should change the job of a Wang Lixiang's director to report, the crucial problem that solves in the light of situation of current home socioeconomy and institute need, and Changchun should change the respect such as place future development to publish serious talk, should change place to Changchun 60 China absurd express congratulation.

When visiting science and technology exhibits a house, wang Lixiang's director introduced Changchun to should turn the historical evolution of place and current situation in detail, introduced high polymer composite material mainly, get together polymer of lactic acid, carbon dioxide, get together acyl inferior the progress circumstance of the project such as magnesium alloy of material of amine, organic photoelectricity and parts of an apparatus, rare earth. In get together lactic acid is exhibited board before, jiang Mianheng stopped longer, be full of the problem such as interest ground and communication of Wang Lixiang's director and inquiry research and development and industrialization progress, express to want to go to stage city and Changshu in person survey of two properties base, with as soon as possible catenary of get through industry, drive grind whole of produce and sale coordinates rapid development.

Subsequently Jiang Mianheng produces front line to scientific research deep again, researched carbon dioxide group in detail base of treatment of composite material of material of base, organic photoelectricity and research center of parts of an apparatus, high polymer, undertook kind and thorough talk with the researcher, enquired the research and development of the project and industrialization circumstance in detail. Encourage a researcher to liberate thought, development train of thought, point industrial technology requirement, solve crucial technology compositive, harmonious good research and industry concern, stimulative foundation and application develop in coordination, for national science and technology development and local economy build the contribution that makes him researcher.

Subsequently, jiang Mianheng is gone to before drive car again all right magnesium alloy base, saw demonstrative product line of class of magnesium alloy kiloton, understand the moving situation of circumstance of project research and development and company in detail to company staff, the research and development that paid close attention to a company mainly and market extend respect case, indicate should complete 3 transformation as soon as possible: The researcher transforms to the ideology of company staff, the lab transforms to the administrative concept of the company, industrialization is carried out appear on the market the strategic goal change of subject matter.
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