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Alternative catalysis is reductive the research of NO activator makes progress
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Human activity produces many NO x , among them NO can form NO via chemical change 2, O 3 with photochemical smog [1] . Eye of 2 pairs of people and respirator official have NO to be stimulated strongly, serious when it is deadly and dangerous to produce lobar oedema to cause, additional, NO 2 through gas phase reaction forms acid rain, to crop, forest, groundwater and building generation huge endangers; to be ~ of 1 × 10-6 when ozone concentration when 2 × 10-6, can stimulate mucous membrane, disturbed central nervous, cause bronchitic and have a headache area of; photochemical smog is stimulating, caustic, can harm person eye and cause the disease of respiratory system, there still is carcinogen in aerosol. In addition, oxidation inferior nitrogen can destroy ozonosphere, increase skin cancer incidence of a disease, the immune system that affects a person [2] . Accordingly, the elimination of NO x already became one of first class major issues that administer environmental pollution.
In the light of NO x contaminative control began much research work, certain course had come true to commercialize application. The activator of 3 effect tail gas that contains d of h of t of precious metal P, R, P for example, change the of 76% NO x in car tail gas effectively [3] , achieve tail gas basically to discharge a standard. But the problem that the tail gas of precious metal car that uses at present changes activator to exist is, cannot fall in oxygen boosting atmosphere NO x reductive into N 2, what restricted car fuel greatly is effective and reasonable use.
From 20 centuries begin at the beginning of 80 time, give birth to the processing of the source to the fixed hair of NO x , support NH the 3 choice catalysis that serve as reducer are reductive technology (SCR of NH 3) already applied at coal fired boiler gradually. The coal fired power plant that already waited for a country in Europe of Japan, Germany, north at present applies extensively. This technology is OK and effective the 90% ~ in ground eliminate tail gas the NO x of 95% . But use this technology to put in a few apparent inadequacy [4] :  denounces school danger? to be changed into N 2, cause economy poorer; NH 3 have stronger caustic, 3 itself of NH of locomotive charge tall; have noxiousness, not easy memory does not apply to the small-sized device such as car engine with carriage; .
Two kinds of afore-mentioned more mature limitation with take off NO x technology to all exist certain, and existing at the same time in source of pollution of major NO x hydrocarbon kind wait for reducer, because of this hydrocarbon kind alternative catalysis is reductive (HC SCR) the popular task that the law eliminates NO x is domestic and international research all the time, also be the content that the article basically cares.
1 hydrocarbon kind alternative catalysis is reductive the activator of NO
1990, the person such as d published o of t of o of m of I w a and H e l to use hydrocarbon kind make reducer, in C u ZSM 5 with other the element of ion exchange of a few metals sifts the choice on activator reductive NO is N the research of 2 works, the research work open up that is sequel new thinking. From this, HC SCR studies the job spreads out gradually, research basically is centered in molecular sieve activator, metallic oxide activator, noble metal catalyst and adsorption - on reduction catalyst.
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