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Material domain: "Pearl " should come with line string
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"Domain of our country material is preliminary already built innovation of relatively complete science and technology and industrial development system, also exist at the same time ' new material is much and not essence of life, traditional stuff is old and not strong ' wait for a problem. " recently, science and technology of domain of 30 years of material develops the reforming and opening that in ministry of science and technology organization of new and high department holds on the informal discussion, tens of renown experts put forward to want to come true by the transition of material big country to material powerful nation, must increase own innovation capacity, strengthen new material to the project applies and foster master degree to get military content to wait for a proposal.

The analysis is current data industry situation, the productivity of the traditional material industry such as our country iron and steel, cement, glass, pottery and porcelain, spin all ranks world first place, the world material that is be worthy of the name is produced and consume big country.

The data that comes from SCI database shows, came 1996 10 years paper amount occupied a science of our country material 2005 world scale is 12.18%% , in all course row the first. Pass own innovation, certain domain is in our country new material international is banner position. For example in south the university is high-powered charcoal / the preparation technology of material of charcoal aviation apply the brake and northwest industry university are high temperature resistant macrobian life fights oxidation pottery and porcelain base technology of composite material application, broke through the United States, flower, the long-term forestall of law the Three Kingdoms. In addition, our country is in canal of carbon of rice of super steel, accept, artificial crystal and laser show, the domain research and development such as the compound between the metal and functional pottery and porcelain all enters international advanced cavalcade.

But, the problem that in data industry brilliant backside also is hiding to not allow to ignore. Academician Shi Changxu points out the crucial point of industry of our country data straight from the shoulder: "A few kinds of material rank the world the first, outlet is the biggest, but the flow craft level such as material extraction is not high, capability of innovation of science and technology is not strong. " this goes up 50 time lead the century our country undertakes the old scientist citing of own research and development says high temperature alloy, reserves of natural resources of our country rare land resides the world the first, crop occupies the 70%% of world total output, but among them source of 2/3 as a way of or abroad of exit of raw product means.

In addition, "The lag of project application development of new material, achievement is changed rate is low, dimensions turns production rate is low " the bottleneck that also makes progress of industry of material science and technology. Liu Guiju of bureau deputy director general says hi-tech of Chinese Academy of Sciences, evaluation of decide on awards through discussion, title is at present oriented emphasize the scientific research positive result such as the paper, and cause everybody to not be willing to do " project application " the job that this takes pain to not to please. Zhang Ze of Beijing industry vice-chancellor also thinks, material domain should adopt design carrying a layer on the head, from science and project two different levels do good classification guidance. "Material domain ' pearl ' be in, the key is to use line string, learning relies on to communicate, the project relies on an organization. "
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