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Land ministry is made be short of a large amount of mineral products resource ur
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On October 22, the reporter manages informal discussion know from industry of countrywide geological perambulate, resource ministry has made land be short of urgently lack the plan of perambulate of resource of relevant mineral products such as mineral products a large amount of mineral products, urgently, in order to ensure resource demand.

Ministry of land natural resources expresses, still have larger latent capacity to the home such as iron, copper, aluminium a large amount of be short of mineral products urgently, need perambulate of home of base oneself upon, accelerate " go " perambulate develops pace, strive external depend on sb or sth for existence spends control to be in 50%-70% less than.

Among them, to iron ore, branch of land natural resources forecasts 2008-2020 13 years year, demand of accumulative total of our country steel exceeds 16 billion tons. And can be twenty-two billion three hundred and sixty-four million tons for resource reserves up to the iron ore by 2007. Want to look for a collier to make through farther geology for this, predict to reach 7.5 billion tons to will increase reserve of iron ore resource newly 2020.

To copper, below the premise that gets be ensuringed adequately in geological job seeking ore deposit, can predict 20 million tons to increase reserve of copper mine resource newly, make home ensures degree to promote 30% the left and right sides.

To bauxite, ministry of land natural resources is forecasted 2020, aluminous demand amounts to 13 million ~ 14 million tons, and 2008-2020 year, demand of our country aluminous accumulative total exceeds 160 million tons. But, up to by 2007, our country bauxite can be 750 million tons for resource reserves, to its made sure degree is only 2020 57% the left and right sides, predict in exploration funds enough premise falls, can increase bauxite resource reserve newly 750 million tons.

"Finite to domestic potential be short of mineral products urgently (chromic, nickel, manganese, Potassium) , must strengthen domestic natural resources to latent capacity is evaluated and look for mine to tackle key problem, increase the share outside the condition, encourage domestic company to increase the strength of company of the mining industry outside share condition, the international market that seeks stability configures an environment, strive external depend on sb or sth for existence spends control to be in 60%-95% less than. " chief expresses related land ministry.

As we have learned, natural resources of our country chromic ore special shortage, mineral products of our country ferrochrome measured 200 thousand tons 2007, 3% what satisfied domestic requirement only. And, look from the resource foreground of our country, domestic chromite crop hard considerably increase production, because this needs to pass,strengthen domestic perambulate, increase supply, strive to spend control to be in to the depend on sb or sth for existence of the international market 95% the following.
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