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Development of loop of supportive industry technical reformation becomes Xin Lia
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Extract from inside liquid waste low get together candy, regarded in the past as the waste residue that rubbish handles machines organic fertilizer, every tons sweet bad news of chrysanthemum glucoside finished product is sweet Xie Ju falls from 2 tons reach 1.5 tons... this is the bulletin of circumstance of innovation of science and technology that organizes in bureau of science and technology of county of another name for Jiangxi Province recently on the meeting, the case that chrysanthemum Long Gaoke introduces. As we have learned, county of another name for Jiangxi Province pays attention to circular development, become useless to be treasure, obtain remarkable result, make the new window of economy of industry of county of another name for Jiangxi Province.

County of another name for Jiangxi Province is dominant industry with treatment of mine product, rare soil, tall, pollution weighs specific power consumption of this kind of industry. In recent years, this county is advancing new-style industrialized process in, carry upgrade character dominant industry, develop circular economy to regard as energetically energy-saving the stress that reduces platoon, strong industry to promote a county will catch. County formulate circular economy develops a program, the company that urges high-energy bad news, pollution to weigh uses waste gas, liquid waste, waste residue to expand circular economy. Falling about policy guiding, limited company of tungsten alloy of this county river throws nearly 100 million yuan to undertake tungsten abandons broken makings to reclaim early or late treatment project development, the tungsten that realized generation of ferrotungsten smelt, treatment basically breaks makings rework is used. In the meantime, adopt " hop-pocket removes dust craft " , turned the dust that handles as rubbish before into high grade raw material. Last year, this company glossy raw material managing many yuan 300. Machine utilization rate to enhance rare land, limited company invests rare earth of red gold of county of another name for Jiangxi Province 30 million yuan, build a product line that has be abstractinged again to rare earth waste residue, new increase production is worth more than yuan 2000, eat off waste residue close kiloton every year. Current, 2 times utilization rate already amounted to waste residue of this county rare earth 100% , annual outside buy waste residue several tons.