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Rainbow invests one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand
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China's biggest color picture tube produces company of Shang Caihong group to was in city of Home Zhang harbor to announce recently, will investing 100 million yuan about a hundred to build the 6th acting filmy liquid crystal to display screen here (TFT-LCD) product line, make country's biggest flat show industrial garden.

This project is mixed by rainbow group company development of economy of Home Zhang harbor is industrial the head office pattern that uses strategic cooperation, use respective resource and advantage to be built jointly, will build around product line of face plate of TFT-LCD of tall for generations, make home the biggest, industrial catenary is best, collect is made and research and development shows industrial garden region at the flat of a suit; Construction of form a complete set includes light of filter of vitreous substrate, color film, be in a poor light modular group inside relevant industry, form chain of relatively complete liquid crystal industry; Establish flat to show center of technical research and development, break through crucial technology, form own intellectual property, have home banner, world's top-ranking flat demonstrates ability of technical research and development.

Construction of project first phase always invests about 15 billion RMB, construction cycle is two years. The plan presses 60 thousand pieces / produce per month can dimensions is devoted, can form produce per year 32/37 inch liquid crystal TV shows face plate 4.372 million ability.

The personage inside course of study expresses, TFT-LCD market of China grows in recent years rapid. Build liquid crystal of the 6th acting TFT-LCD to show screen product line will be helpful for changing country face plate of TV of large size liquid crystal is full the current situation from abroad entrance.