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Accelerate construction Wang Ping of office of spot of second center city attend
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In recent years, municipal Party committee, municipal government put forward to make the construction austral dragon south another name for Jiangxi Province area of economy of core of south of city of second center city, another name for Jiangxi Province and contend for the goal that achieves development of provincial economy technology and requirement. What in industrial gradient move trend quickens is current, like what why drive this one decision-making deploy with stronger move to fulfil? On October 9, municipal government holds the spot to do consortium in Long Na, harmonious city is straight, be stationed in city to concern an unit, accelerate construction second center city, the county austral help dragon solves developing to concern major problem.

Wang Ping of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor attends the meeting and speak. Deputy mayor Liu Cong chairs the spot to do consortium.

Accelerate development time will not wait for me, firm is caught fulfil do all one can to overtake. 9 days morning, wang Ping guides city hair to change appoint, classics trade appoint, the 20 many city such as finance, traffic the responsible comrade of the straight, branch that be stationed in city, inspect the condition such as construction of area of garden of the industry austral dragon and urban construction on the spot, pay equal attention to implantation of bit of industry of advantage of rare earth, carry on the job such as promotion of function of service of industrial gradient move, city undertook in-depth survey. Consortium does in the spot afternoon, each are aimed at the county austral dragon to submit to about the branch the problem of 29 Xiaoxiang sees the 8 big field that municipal government support solves one by one doubt commentate difficult, efficient spot solved deal with concrete matters relating to work a few difficult problem, supporting Long Na to build development of provincial economy technology especially, the linkage mechanism that establishs garden of industry of development of technology of Long Na economy and Hong Kong of city of another name for Jiangxi Province, strengthen port to serve a system construction, accelerate the respect such as the infrastructure construction such as Long Na traffic and electric power, made clear the act that will put into effect next.

Examining a lot of items that go up newly, after listening to the job to report, wang Ping accelerates the good the look of things of development to feel very satisfactory to Long Na. He praises Long Na's leading group has fighting capacity, development train of thought is nice, able thing, able also accomplish sth, a series of act were adopted to push the work south dragon especially, aroused economic society good the vigor of rapid development, the distant view blue print that second center city builds south depicted dragon lets person hearten, make division of economy of core of south of city of another name for Jiangxi Province big hopeful.

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