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Can yuan south division build 2 factories to will promote lithium battery to pro
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Lithium battery big plant can yuan science and technology (E-oneMoliEnergy) , held ceremony of start building of plant of battery of the 2nd lithium at area of lyceum of the division austral the stage a few days ago. New plant predicts 2009 the four seasons is finishing. Accompany new plant completion, always yield every months will promote considerably to 1, 0 above, sit firmly the whole world throne of supplier of batteries of the 7th big circle.

Can yuan research and development of cell of ion of lithium of investment of science and technology already had 10 years of histories, what have whole worlds of some brand Molicel sale, the product is divided outside applying at note computer, provide the market, electric car market to behave bright look at electric industry in recent years, year battalion harvest long rate all maintains 20% above. Value lithium battery to reach the dominant position of energy-saving application at environmental protection, it is the demand that contented battalion use grows at the same time, can yuan begin to raise the price of the commodities continuously namely by 2007 oneself at be being produced newly can augment, this year more invest with great quantity, build south division 2 factories are added buy produce a line newly.

Can yuan the 2 factories austral the stage book the ground to be located in south the stage inside scientific garden area, face the one factory austral the stage closely, for can yuan the plant of battery of the 2nd lithium that establishs in Taiwan place, also be can yuan plant of battery of the 3rd lithium. Inside newly-built 2 plants, initial stage will install 2 to produce a line newly, beforehand at next year put into production of the four seasons, always produce every months at the appointed time can will exceed 1, 0. New increase production can cooperate a company to develop strategy, basically supply reach the 3 big markets such as pen report at electric car, dynamoelectric tool.

Besides produce can configure focusing to wait for 3 big application at note computer, dynamoelectric tool and electric car besides the domain, because lithium battery technology is future system of transmission of electric car motivation is electric the important key that changes development, can yuan now already battery of lithium of will electric car " modular " research and development and production include prospective growing centre of gravity, plan to guide multivariate the new technology domain of material, the lithium battery core that development suits to mix motivation, pure electric car or fuel cell car.

In addition, can yuan at present summary sex and car plant undertake Yi Ce joint development plan, the hope quickens the pace that grows at module of electric car batteries, make electric car main part supplier.