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Chinese LED illumination luminaries detects 1000 lamps press down central settle
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Compare with traditional lamp photograph, LED has tall purity, polychromatic colour, free from contamination, without answer radiation, quickly, fight concussion, calm beam of light, colour gamut a lot of advantage such as wide, low quantity of heat, accord with the development trend of advanced illuminant, be regarded the new light source of 21 centuries. Below same brightness, semiconductor lamp is the 1/10 of incandescent lamp only with n, the incandescent lamp that should have 1/3 only is replaced by semiconductor lamp, can be report of national division spare every year nearly 100 billion degrees, be equivalent to the electricenergy production of project of a 3 gorge.

Advocate in current whole world " energy-saving environmental protection " and below the environment that dissolves energy crisis, LED industry development is swift and violent, market high speed grows, build detect professionally center " extremely urgent " . According to forecasting, to 2010, global LED illume will have market of 500 billion dollar; Market of Chinese LED illume will amount to 100 billion yuan, whole LED and relevant application industry will attain 360 billion yuan of scale. Detect as Chinese LED illumination luminaries central building, will be helpful for promotion of character of homebred LED illumination luminaries, promote research and development of science and technology, enlarge LED promotion to apply, realize energy-saving environmental protection.

It is reported, the center chooses 1000 lamps of city of hill of settle Jiangsu elder brother to press down, result from " the lamp " the coincidence of the word, "The lamp " photograph echo. In the meantime, elder brother hill is the manufacturing industry base with main whole world, supplying product of science and technology of sex of multinomial and significant consumption to the whole world, wait like camera of notebook computer, number, the supply of catenary of product of relevant science and technology, industry writtens guarantee compose matures. Central settle area, industrial dominant position is bulgy, culture details is deep, ancient the 1000 lamps with elegant affection of the style of writing that press down a person, heaven-made union of it may be said.

Have the 1000 lights of long 2500 history, suzhou of historical culture famous city is depended on on the west, east as metropolitan as international Shanghai all the way lie between, already formed new material, circuit board, careful chemical industry to wait for base of property of 5 big characteristic now. Sign those who make an appointment with settle to still have 16 projects such as assembly of car of glue of Spanish MCC elevator, Spain strange card at the same time with the center, and hill of elder brother of component of car of Hai Sitan general project of 45 start working such as limited company, practice.