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Development of carborundum chip, LED is handed in high meeting " allied " base o
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Hand in high in the 10th on the meeting, produce per year product of illume of LED of sex of project of industrialization of chip of 70 thousand carborundum, outdoors function to combine the project such as development and research unit undertake " autograph of project of hi-tech industrialization collaboration arranges a ceremony " .

It is reported, carborundum chip is material of foundation of key of the 3rd acting semiconductor, the application with having fundamental in the domain such as electron of microelectronics, electric power and semiconductor illume parts of an apparatus and wide market perspective. And LED(Light Emitting Diode) is glow diode, it is the semiconductor device of a kind of solid state, OK and direct an electric translate into is smooth, have energy-saving, service life the character such as long, environmental protection.

Hair change appoint express, the technology that this the autograph arranges a project basically originates the research unit that the place of courtyard of domestic scientific research such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, institution of higher learing and abroad have actual strength, the technology continues just is to particular actual strength is full of to hi-tech industrialization expect and the enterprise of confidence and project of unit; collaboration involve the information, hi-tech field such as biology.