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Hao Yuan interviews guest of Japanese northeast university
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Hao Yuan of vice-governor of the Gansu Province will interview Japanese northeast university to teach Yuan Teng in Lanzhou this afternoon on October 21 faithful.

Hao Yuan says, gansu Province has the resource such as rich rare-earth element, have assiduous researcher, japan has advanced technology and concept, both sides has good cooperative prospect. Hope both sides begins thorough collaboration, headway is gained in energy-saving technology and new material side. After hoping faithful gentleman inspects Yuan Teng, can offer valuable task, bilateral combinative place is found on specific project.

Yuan Teng faithful say, gansu Province has rich rare-earth element and outstanding talented person, japan has particular technology. Hope both sides passes collaboration, can grind issue new material, make due contribution to promote the economic progress of Gansu Province and environmental protection enterprise.

Yuan Teng faithful professor is world-famous material chemistry expert, pursue the research of glow data side for a long time, own several decathlon patent. The material science of Japanese northeast university studies alive bound has name quite.

Controller of university of hall of province science and technology, Lanzhou accompanies guild to see.

Origin: Gansu Province daily