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Countrywide mine gangue is used integratedly try to find out the real intention
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12 days arrive from industry and informatization ministry understanding, use special program to study gangue of mine of formulate industry domain is integrated, our country will begin mine gangue to use a circumstance integratedly to try to find out the real intention inside countrywide limits investigation, this job will be in will finish before the bottom in October.
Concern chief introduction according to industry and informatization ministry, library of gangue of our country existing mine many 2700, gangue stockpile measures about 5 billion tons. The gangue of a large number of store up takes up not only environment of land, wasteful resource, pollution, still put in very big safe hidden trouble at the same time, shanxi faces library of gangue of limited company of mining industry of Fen new tower to break through the lesson that dam accident is blood.
Current, the integrated utilization rate of gangue of our country mine is far still under international average level, must cogent increase working strength, strive to make inside shorter time gangue uses the job integratedly to gain revolutionary headway. This controller expresses, do good mine gangue to use the job integratedly, be helpful for raising resource utilization rate, decrease take up land, protect and improve an environment, it is the plan of the effect a permanent cure that eliminates hidden danger of mine gangue safety, having very important sense to protecting security of people life property.