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Henan will build resource of provincial mineral products to lay in safeguard res
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On October 24, the reporter learns from office of province land natural resources, produce mothball resource to be not worth a problem badly to solve Henan to save important mine, henan province will establish reserve of resource of provincial mineral products, the security that supplies in order to ensure resource and but durative.

Development of mineral products resource and its follow-up machine an industry to already made the pillar industry that I save. According to statistic, since 2004, I save the industry of mining industry and implementation of follow-up treatment industry to raise a cost, occupy Henan all the time the province is state-owned the 50 % left and right sides that reachs business of dimensions above industry to raise a cost. But at present I save perambulate of mineral products resource a few contradiction that not allow to ignore and problem still exist in development management: The deep of mineral products resource finds out degree not tall, the mothball resource of the essential mineral products such as mine of coal, oil, natural gas, bauxite, iron ore, gold is not worth badly. To solve this one problem, province government decided recently, will increase strength of perambulate of mineral products resource, bring into a few essential mineral products reserve of mineral products resource, safeguard economy society expands the demand of pair of mineral products resource.

According to introducing, when building resource of provincial mineral products to lay in, I am saved will according to the principle that understands family property accumulated over a long time, measurable lead, mine, bauxite, coal, natural to molybdenum alkaline reach deep enclothe and the essential mineral products such as low grade iron ore and rare earth, uranium rare be short of mineral products, by the government contributive undertake geological perambulate, form a batch of main mine source to bring into the strategy to lay in.

Origin: Henan daily