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Increase strength of industrial structural adjustment to close to industrial eco
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Latter, long lowing county is serious municipal government of municipal Party committee " a certain number of opinions " spirit, increase strength of industrial structural adjustment, stimulative industry economy grows quickly.

Long lowing county adjusts an industry to develop a program. In comprehensive strength of promotion spin industry and competition ability while, emphasize particularly on industry of deep treatment of industry of development machinery electron and rare soil, mechanical electron industry is promoted with Fujian, triumphant Bao company is bibcock, seek a breakthrough on production of the car that weigh card as soon as possible; Industry of rare soil deep treatment is bibcock with company of golden dragon rare land, strive for 2 period the rare earth that produces per year 1000 tons 3 base project of lubricious fluorescent material stars building inside year construction, had done the pre-construction of project of material of rare earth magnetism. This county is raising hand of the move on professional productivity, make mainly in order to fly what industrial garden is platform is light spin industrial garden the area, machinery that is platform with industrial new developed area the area of electronic industry garden, rare earth that with Jin Long rare land company is bibcock is deep treatment garden area, in order to be opposite stage agriculture collaboration is, stimulative industry assemble develops, strengthen an industry integrated competition ability. Accelerate at the same time breed industrial product brand. Fulfil seriously " label of industrial product brand established a program 2008 " , strengthen the guidance that establishs brand label job to the enterprise, solid administration plan tilts to be rewarded with the government, strive to achieve product of famous brand of 3 provincial above or famous label again this year, extend market space with the brand, promote industrial whole actual strength.