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Chinas rare earth policy statement does not conflict with WTO rules
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 China's rare earth policy statement does not conflict with WTO rules

The Chinese government had announced the United States of Rare Earth to investigate and clean energy policy. China on Wednesday issued a strong statement denying a violation of WTO rules.

"China will continue on the rare earth mining, production and export of all aspects of the implementation of restrictive measures, related management measures are not in conflict with WTO rules." Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on Wednesday. "China will continue to the world supply of rare earth."

However, Japanese officials said the diplomatic conflict occurred last month after Japan suspended the export of rare earth has not yet returned to normal. According to "The New York Times" reported on Wednesday that China suspended its exports of rare earths in Europe and the United States. 17 rare earth elements include, for wind turbines, car batteries, and advanced radar systems and other technology products is essential.

Recently, Chinese officials expressed anger on the U.S. investigation. In urging the U.S. Trade Representative Office to initiate an investigation of the United Steelworkers of America's petition, the rare earth is the first mentioned policy areas.

"China's use of export quotas, taxes and licensing procedures to limit these (rare earth) to the United States and other countries of mineral exports to the user," Writing Road petition. "The Chinese government officials made it clear that the implementation of these minerals export restrictions, designed to promote domestic investment in downstream processing of these minerals, but not others."

Analysts in China said they had not heard of the Japanese and European exports have been systematically blocked. British "Financial Times" noted that a wholesale rare earth to Europe was delayed, but importers believe that the problem lies in "the port sector." "We learned that these goods will continue to Europe," industry executives said. "The current delays at the pier seems to be caused by the actions of local officers, not because the central government's policy."

September 15, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao also in answer to a reporter's question that China's rare earth mining, production, processing and management measures adopted by the export sector is in line with international norms and WTO rules, China will not Rare Earth exports as blocking means.

Yao insisted that the recent under domestic laws and regulations on the rare earth industry has taken the necessary management and restrictions on its core purpose is to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development.

Yao said that in the environment and sustainable development to strengthen cooperation between China and Japan is the consensus that China will not block exports of rare earths as a means of hope in the cooperation, development and achieve win-win rare earth resources in China and Japan on mutually beneficial cooperation, through international collaboration to manage this non-renewable resources.