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Illume of office building eaves of pure LED of initiate of flying benefit rivers
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France, paris - royal company of electron of flying benefit riverside (AEX: PHI, NYSE: PHG) announced company of flying benefit riverside will illume recently the first office room that uses LED illume solution completely. This is located in Parisian sweet a pavilion or house on a terrace beautiful abandon an ave 100, attribute faithful profit the office place of insurance company is a milepost on illume history. This is first time use LED completely to regard functional sex office as illume, combine illume of this function sex and the scene that introduce LED likewise and atmosphere illume.

The design of this office building is by architect Anthony. Bei Shu brings, he gets faithful benefit the commission of insurance company is designed " the window that LED innovates " . LED illume plan can improve the life quality of people, also give stylist to provide more flexibility when dimensional layout and smallpox are designed, so that had avoided,count state of fluorescent lamp illuminative more. Because the service life of LED is very long, because this upkeep costs also can fall,arrive lowest.

Whole office space, functional sex illume is to pass 442 compositive the lamps and lanterns in the false smallpox of 600X600 norms will come true. According to the different position of office space, each lamps and lanterns is included 12 or the high power LED of 16 2.6 tile. This kind of design makes the average intensity of illumination of working surface achieves 500lux, and whole is average intensity of illumination achieves 300 Lux. Flying benefit riverside undertook for this lamps and lanterns elaborate optical system is designed. Additional, lamps and lanterns of embedded SpotLed 3 K2 applied on corridor, every lamps and lanterns includes LED of 3 LUXEON high power, integral illume plan is mixed in specific power consumption, intensity of illumination measurable respect all satisfies visual easy the requirement of illume standard.

About respect of LED scene illume, insurance company choice is based on faithful benefit the alterable smooth lubricious plan of LED. Through enlightening coping the vitreous act wall of two floor, show an architectural figure to the outer world, as if nocturnal aerial beacon.

"In use trends chromatic LED sets a scene, build atmosphere and enlighten field of ground mark engineering, the potential that we adopt technique of ceaseless development LED all the time leads the world " , the general manager of company of France of illume of flying benefit riverside Diaili. Bulangnai overcomes shellfish to overcome say. "We released the many LED application in common illume respect of late, now the day is the day that LED enters field of average office lighting. This stirring day is indicating the core region that LED is walking into illume industry. It will accelerate the development that solid state illume uses undoubtedly. It will accelerate the development that solid state illume uses undoubtedly..

Drive in what LED enters common illume field below, we anticipate market of global LED illume grows the speed with exceeding 30% every year, arrive from the about 700 million euro last year the 1.5 billion euro 2010.
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