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Chinese ink overcomes new president Roeser: "Blue photograph liquid crystal and
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"The blue photograph liquid crystal that gets attention fully this year won't replace existing VA completely (Vertical Alignment) mode liquid crystal and IPS (In-plane Switching) mode liquid crystal, 3 person will concomitant " . The president that will take office as on July 1 holds president Karl Roeser concurrently to be in in Mo Ke (Merck) when the reporter quizs, the answer on the talkfest after the press conference will say on July 24.

Karl expresses " liquid crystal technology is never-ending " , this company will continue to maintain share of market of its whole world to be on chief position. Additional, the mixture that will make mixture all sorts of material to be offerred for face plate manufacturer accord with demand material in Japan is made with development, the 20 % of 15 ~ of sale will be used at considering to develop.

On the other hand, yu Houmu will be established in September in 7 years to this company inside the office " reform &QC center " develops organic EL material, karl expresses " this material has initiative light, perspective big, structure simple, power consumption is small wait for a characteristic, basic for, usable in order to make a video that is different from every noise " . This company will carry development life is enough long stuff, "Strive for ascend body at cavalcade of organic EL large company " .

On the press conference, the presiding apparitor Karl-Ludwig Kley of German headquarters Merck KGaA is forecasted " liquid crystal market will continue to grow " , express at the same time " our company organic EL business will be centered to video market, at the same time we still will have investment to illume market " . Additionally he still says, "Although organic EL wants to replace liquid crystal, that also was 2030 the following thing " .

Karl Roeser is the Klaus Diehl that beginning to hold the position of Chinese ink to overcome a president from 1990 when retiring, rise, by the delegate trustee of this company assistant president preferment is a president.

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