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German Xi Menzi produces Malaysia enlarge plant LED
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It is reported, german factory Xi Menzi (Siemens) will note again endowment millions makes auspicious plan, so that be in city of next year Yu Bin cling to 6 do obeisance to a factory to produce LED. Xi Menzi (horse) limited company president holds concurrently presiding carry out a Dansiliatuofu to be in in Zhou Si Ou Silang (Osram) photoelectricity semiconductor () private limited company is presiding and financial official (, courtesy visits crown canopy of Bin state senior officer flower hind, this matter announces on a press conference, ou Silang is the company below Ximen Ziqi.

As we have learned, xi Menzi (horse) limited company president holds presiding apparitor concurrently Dansiliatuofu expresses, this company will be noted again endowment reach add hire employee, in order to produce glow diode product line, will promote one times existing productivity and area at the appointed time. If everything is successful, makings production will be thrown in May in next year the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site, at the same time will additional engage 300 employee, come from besides several outside German engineer, beyond person will be this locality employee.

Atuofu also expresses, xi Menzi is in 1972 namely sortie old horse invests, it is the foreign investment business that steps sufficient old horse the earliest, part to hit a city to set a plant in Bin city, Ma Liujia and auspicious at present, another company that leaves by this company division among them namely factory Ying Feiling (Infineon) also hit city Ju Lin to set a plant in auspicious, and undertaking extend plans. On the other hand Chen Guocheng points out, afore-mentioned glow diode are top science and technology, apply on mobile phone, computer, palm model the computer (PDA) reach lamplight to wait. He expresses, glow diode is more abiding and durable, and be economical, market potential is very great, market prise is 7 billion dollar plan, at present the company also is the person that this product market precedes.