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"Super magnet " will bring vast space to mix dynamical car
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Permanent magnet can bring rare land the appearance is smaller but the engine with higher performance and dynamo. But among them difficult problem is it needs the much measure flow with a high cost to just can be made come out.

Nowadays, the researcher of American northeast university announced to invent a kind to use production scythe cobalt environmental protection of the low of permanent magnet, green and the production process that has a move only. Strong magnet makes those who make cost reduce, will bring a kind to use smaller more the car of new-style mixture motivation of low engine, will make permanent magnet can be used at spaceflight and aviation domain.

Material of magnetism of microwave of American northeast university and C.N of chief scientist of integrated circuit center. Chinnasamy expresses, the samarium cobalt with the strongest magnetism in material of rare earth magnetism can use chemical content to make through can circulating come out. This production process can be used at the quantity to produce in, and production cost reduces the cost that makes a method than having other greatly.

Chinnasamy expresses: "Rare earth magnet can be used at the small-sized high-powered engine that runs below high temperature environment and dynamo, crucial to NASA and department of defense. Had this production method, this kind of material can come true very production cost of economy. This kind of material can come true very production cost of economy..

Chinnassamy develops this research project below the leader that holds chief researcher Vincent Harris concurrently in director of this research center.

Harris expresses, samarium cobaltic magnet suits to use turbine for nothing with Yu Hang very much, because its temperature is too high to magnet of other rare earth. The only measure of Chinnassamy makes circuit not only cost is lower, and the chemical thing that uses production scythe cobaltic magnet among them is to be able to relapse to be used circularly, and be green environmental protection, because this suits very much,use at mass production.

These researcher invented rice of a kind of accept technics will make magnet of this kind of rare earth, with what will replace current other costly and the metallurgy technics of much measure. In existing method, metallurgy law mixes cobalt samarium ore with correct rate fusion, but fusion must make oxidize in order to prevent below vacuum environment, raised cost greatly consequently.

The square law of American northeast university is in cobalt of lieutenant general of dissolvent of a kind of high temperature and samarium salt dissolve with right percentage. Deliquescent process made magnetic offer rice piece body - size only 100 accept of 10 × the iota of rice occasionally extremely child, figuration precipitates the bottom of solution. Subsequently, they a PVP that can prevent combustion (ketone of polyethylene pyrrole alkyl) cover offer on rice piece body, form magnetic particle of a kind of black. This kind of magnetic particle can form strong magnet below the environment that has strong magnetic field.
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