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The system of white smooth fluorescence with Japanese new-style invention is new
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Joint development goes chemistry of Japanese day brandish and university of industry of name ancient house not to use rare-earth element, and shape to spend expensive Bai Guangying optical system freely. Applicable reachs the extensive use such as glow billboard in light of the illuminant such as illume, car. Building a quantity to produce a technology at present, expectation can be achieved 2010 practical the end that change.

The achievement of joint development is " organic? The body of white smooth fluorescence of inorganic blending " , the organic matter that illuminate ultraviolet ray can give off light, the inorganic material that reachs vitreous department mixes in data phase, make vitreous record. The extraordinary skill that protects organic matter texture with mineral undertakes mixture. General and organic matter is in centigrade 300 ℃ will be degenerative, but the hear resistance that new material achieved 500 ℃ . And use mould makes material unapt when shape generation is degenerative.

With the ultraviolet illuminate of wavelengh 370nm this fluorescence body can give out Bai Guang. And chroma coordinate value is " 0.3, 0.3 " confirm for Bai Guang. New fluorescent system can shape for all sorts of appearance, hear resistance more be as high as 500 ℃ . Compared with general Bai Guang LED, spend Gao Zhi besides appearance freedom outside, still have high hear resistance, can realize longer service life more. With general fluorescent lamp phase relatively, try the result that calculate to show: Use up electric power to have an in part only, calorific quantity makes an appointment with 1/4, product life is 10 times, implemental dimension also wants 1/10 only just. What and new material is returned do not contain in use fluorescent lamp is yttric, reach the harmful material such as the rare-earth element with rising price and mercury.