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ISuppli: Market of large size liquid crystal will anabiosis in September
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ISuppli company is forecasted, last as interest rate and price after the heavy defeat of nearly 3 months, market of face plate of large size liquid crystal predicts to be able to be since September anabiosis.

ISuppli company liquid crystal and Sweta Dash of umbriferous research chief inspector express, as a result of demand under anticipate and whole supply chain stock to upsurge, face plate of large size liquid crystal from June first since be in all the time supply serious and excess position. But be cut down in face plate crop and clear inventory, and on TV, desk model demand of computer monitor and note computer picks up, predict to will make supply and demand will restore a balance September, drive the price to pick up.

ISuppli expresses, after afterwards will grow 6.9% in May, volume of shipment of unit of face plate of liquid crystal of global large size will glide than May in June 9.6% . Mainstream note computer, monitor and price of TV face plate drop than May 4-7% , will continue to drop in July 3-15% , predict to will drop in August 4-20% .

Supplying a side, liquid crystal manufacturer shifts production of TV face plate from 6 factories first half of the year the 7th, 7.5 with 8 acting factories. With phase of 6 acting plants relatively, 8 acting factories can produce large size face plate more businesslikely, raised the yield of whole industry consequently, make face plate of TV of annual liquid crystal is average 2008 the price falls ceaselessly, drop amount to 15-20% even.

Price of large size face plate already approximated production cost now, especially certain TV face plate and a lot of monitor face plate. But adjust quickly in face plate supplier and equipment manufacturer produce can utilization rate, on liquid crystal TV and desk model computer monitor manufacturer also begins to depreciate, in order to reduce inventory and the demand that spur terminal user. In addition, pick up plus the demand of note computer domain, will make price of face plate of large size liquid crystal will go steady September, price of some face plate can rise even 1-3% .