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Product line of the OLED below the pine 2011 put into production
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This year the beginning of the year, the glow efficiency plasma was released to rise to below the pine 2 times more original " NeoPDP " technology. Because glow efficiency raised 2 times, need original in part only in the power consumption below same brightness so.

Meanwhile, the electric equipment below the pine is in 2006 with have the technology of British Cambridge video that applies to big screen to change basic patent of high polymer OLED the company signed use license contract, the semiconductor institute that thes capital of a country in its undertakes practical change research and development. The electric equipment below the pine will announce on July 29 this year, hundreds 100 million yen will be thrown to build product line of trial-produce of TV of large size OLED December 2009, be in establish quantity produced a technology 2011, realize commercialization of product of OLED of 40 inches of class to sell. Still cooperate with material manufacturer at the same time below the pine, joint research and development grows life and big screen technology, the county of Japanese arms library in planning to be built below the pine builds inside factory of face plate of liquid crystal of female singer road most greatly product line of 40 inches OLED face plate. The investment amount of equipment of this product line predicts to be as high as 100 billion yen (add up to) of 910 million dollar about, the plan built go into operation 2011, realize OLED TV commercialization to sell.