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Rare shares surge triggered concerns about the stock market bubble
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RE due to China to reduce export quotas, computer and electric vehicles and other industries critical to the market much sought after rare earth resources, the relevant company's share price soared, industry executives and analysts worry that the Internet and uranium deposits similar to the bubble is expanding. Integrated media reported Oct. 25 on the Chinese rare earth material supply concerns key to small-scale mining companies have soared, industry executives and analysts warned is a bubble stock prices soared. China's rare earth production accounts for about 97% of global output, applied to the technology for such products as computers, electric vehicles, mineral materials, China has cut export quotas, making the rise in commodity prices and trigger a global pursuit of other resources. Research Service, Kaiser Bottom-Fish Online's RE index has been since late 2008 doubled 12 times, from 9 months up by 35%. Mining analyst John Kaiser said the market was in the 90s gave birth to the Internet flourished. "This is a leader in any race are likely to fall." 2006-08 uranium resources bubble Similarly, when metal prices soared - and extremely short supply - to promote the stock price soaring uranium developers. Now these companies have already landed on the bottom of the basic price. RE processors listed in Toronto and has two plants in China, the Neo Material Technologies CEO Constantine Karayannopoulos said: "I am worried, like all bubbles, as long as there is a rupture, it will give many people a significant losses. " In the United States, Canada and Australia, six junior miners, the total market value now is close to $ 7,000,000,000, but none of them are now involved in a company of rare earth production. The value of RE transactions a year now about 20 billion U.S. dollars. In 2009, there were only two full-time employees, whose share price has risen over the past 4 weeks, 135%, since January have risen nearly 300% since. The company plans to begin production in 2015. Chief Financial Officer and principal shareholder, said Mark Brown, the stock prices was mainly due to people holding fixed, while the company's development of mineral resources of Wyoming has conducted about 10 years. He said: "The stock has been absolutely crazy. But we have the actual project, the current net worth is much higher than market value."