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United States and Japan on the Diaoyu Islands and the rare-earth issues such a
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October 28, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Japanese Foreign Minister Maehara held talks in Hawaii. Agence France-Presse "International Herald Tribune" reporter from Beijing Guo Yina "Our alliance with Japan's primacy, this is our contact at the cornerstone of the Asia Pacific region." When the U.S. Secretary of State in the scenic Hawaii Hillary Clinton say this sentence, Japanese Foreign Minister Maehara showing a knowing smile. In his view, not just Japan and the U.S. military 60 years after the war the allies, it is a common response to the rise of China in the future a weapon. Is not that far away, in the just-concluded East Asia Summit, Japan and the U.S. jointly staged a drama surrounding China. The protagonist, who is Japan's hawkish hawks, and Western man with a sharp elegance of female politicians. Provoke further angered China before the original "The Japanese side during the series of meetings in the East Asian leaders continue to spread through the media violated China's sovereignty and territorial integrity of speech, then again the content of Chinese and Japanese foreign ministers spread misinformation to undermine the two leaders meeting in Hanoi, the atmosphere should be . "Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue October 29 speech in Hanoi, Vietnam. That day, many of the media predicted the international Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan in the previous "corridor encounter" and "outside the coincidence between the elevator" and "informal" foreshadowing, the formal meeting. However, the 29 evening, the hotel is scheduled to hold talks with the silence was terrible. Who brought us this "Cold War"? Japanese Foreign Minister to hold talks in the day before the meeting before the primary and Hillary talked about the Diaoyu Islands issue Shihai. In the Japan-US joint press meet at the conference, Clinton reiterated the Diaoyu Islands, Japan-US security treaty for the scope of the U.S. position. In this regard, before the original is full of gratitude and said, "Hillary Clinton's speech brought me courage. In the future to continue to promote the Japan-US cooperation." The next day, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and Japanese Foreign Minister's talks before, such as about the former. 1 hour and 20 minutes of talks, far beyond the scheduled half an hour. This is also Foreign Minister since before the former became the first meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister. According to Japan's "Daily News" revealed that the two sides discussed the export of rare earth, in November at the APEC meeting in Japan to restart six-party talks and other issues. The Diaoyu Islands issue, the two sides reiterated their respective positions. Seemingly peaceful talks, implied ripples. After the meeting, before the original Japanese press corps in the briefing that "the resumption of Japan on East China Sea oil and gas field development negotiations, Foreign Minister Yang said that 'will create the necessary environment'." The AFP has reported that this was misinterpreted, the article said the two sides in the East China Sea oil and gas field development to reach agreement on the issue. Since then, the protests in China, the Japanese side urged the AFP admitted that this was a "misstatement", and the article was revised - "not before the former Foreign Secretary told the press corps and Japan reached a consensus on this issue." But in the Sino-Japanese summit was canceled after, when a Japanese reporter asked the reason for cancellation prior to the original when the original is impatiently Huileyiju before, "asked the Chinese to go." End of the visit after returning home, can not be held before the original is also the issue of Sino-Japanese summit on China's attitude to heart, "Japan-US security treaty for the Diaoyu Islands during the LDP had been confirmed, and this is not new, then another. Why Summit Talks did not make the trip? I can not understand. "subtext of the original before, in Japan high-level sensitive period before the meeting, confirmed that the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan-US security seems to be unalterable. Although the summit was held in the atmosphere has been repeatedly destroyed, but 30, or Kan Wen Jiabao and held an informal meeting about 10 minutes. "Time is short, but the meeting itself is a series of remarks on the original hit back before." A Japanese expert analysis. According to Japanese media reports, a 10-minute "greeting", the two sides recognized the need to continue to promote bilateral strategic reciprocal relations, confirmed the importance of restoration of civil exchanges, and agreed to continue to expand private exchanges. "Eagle Mask" behind the public support "Do not hurry to hold bilateral summit talks, the Chinese side of the ball." October 15, the former head of the former worked in the formal talks on plans to pour cold water. The informal meeting is also the first original and unexpected? From September 8 Captain unlawful arrest to the end of October a series of words and actions in Vietnam, the former hard-line behind the former continue to have the backing of domestic political and public support in Japan. The morning of November 1, Japan, within thirty members of Congress watched the so-called small-scale collision of evidence tape. Open problem in the video, although the negative attitude Naoto Kan, but the original from the start before the strong public support. This "one call" members of Congress get a "better be." Looking back on Japan's political arena two months fishing conflicts and the Diaoyu Islands issue of speech, almost one-sided presentation of the hard-line forces in the trend. China tough in this tide, many prestigious knowledge of the Chinese school and old members had to choose a "conspiracy of silence." As a former walk in the front of the original beach-goers, on the one hand firmly against the implementation of the United States in conjunction with their strategic thinking, it also maximize the use of the domestic politics of the situation in China explosion. Politicians of speech, media-oriented nature also affect even judgments about the Japanese people. October 30-31 under the "Sankei Shimbun" and the FNN TV joint public opinion survey shows support for Naoto Kan, the Cabinet last month to re-form a cabinet from the early fall to 36.4%, 48.5%, a decrease of 12.1%. The main focus public discontent on the foreign and security policy, that the Prime Minister in this regard play a guiding force not accounted for 71.8%. Government of Japan for fishing vessels to deal with conflict, 73.5% of the Japanese people that "inappropriate", 78.4% of the people demanded "full disclosure video", in addition to that the guard around the Diaoyu Islands should be enhanced up to 81.5%. Opinion polls conducted during the same period, "Japanese Economic News" The survey also revealed that the Cabinet support rate of 71% from September 10 at the end fell to 40%, of which the Diaoyu Islands issue of political contributions and Ozawa Government should issue a decline in support for major factor. If in the understanding of history, the Japanese public's attitude toward China was divided into two words in the territory around the Diaoyu Islands issue, to say the majority of Japanese people and "give an inch" to maintain a consistent front of the original. "Before the original is very ambitious, sooner or later to be Prime Minister." Has long been seen through the front of the original political objectives of an expert analysis of events through the tough stance over the Diaoyu Islands, the first of the original consolidated its domestic politics and the status of the public mind, pocketed the popularity points, for future elections paved the way for Prime Minister. It is also essential, the former former also received the favor from the United States. At 28, the start of US-Japan foreign ministers meeting, before the original intent of the field received the gift of Hillary - a steam train model. Know in advance before the United States was originally a railway fans, specially prepared this surprise. When Hillary Clinton before the primary side of the model to the hands, while the model began to explain the principle, the former of the original happy to say, "Well, I know very well why." Off the court, Japan and the U.S. are performed intimacy. U.S. hard and soft hands Understanding before the original and Clinton is not only building on the personal friendship, but also from the strategic needs every step of the two countries. China and Japan in recent events so much noise because of the Diaoyu Islands on the occasion in full swing, Hillary 28, Obama in Hawaii to address the Government's Asia strategy. She focuses on the United States in Asia, "former position diplomacy" strategy mainly relies on three tools: traditional U.S. allies, new partnerships and the United States and key regional organizations, which make the former the original particularly pleased that Japan's most first mentioned by the U.S. "winning" it. Talking about the Japan-US relations, Clinton said, "This year, Japan and the U.S. celebrated the" co-operation and Security Treaty, "the 50th anniversary of the signing. However, our partnership goes far beyond the area of security. In order to ensure the next 50 During the year of our alliance remains as in the past half-century as an effective and practical, we are broadening our cooperation in order to adapt to the changing strategic environment. " "This statement fully explains the Japan-US relations in the importance of the Asia Pacific region. Inevitable, China's problems become the problems facing Japan and the U.S.." U.S. expert told reporters. However, perhaps before the original was not so comfortable that when Hillary Clinton's tone in describing the Chinese are not mixed with too much gunpowder. "Currently, there are some people think that the two countries in China's interest and our interests are fundamentally antagonistic. They look at zero and the calculation of relations between the two countries, namely, whenever one party a success, the other is bound to fail. But not our view. in the 21st century, the United States and China each of the other side as their opponents in no one's interest. Therefore, we are working together in this new century, creating a positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship. " Evaluation of foreign media in general, the top U.S. diplomat tried to cooperate with China in the United States and the aspirations of some of the policies of China and its balance between the concerns. Japan-US "siege" of China hit it off While Clinton said the United States is not a zero-sum relationship, but, in fact, in terms of security, economy, or regional cooperation, Japan and the U.S. are in the work package to China to tighten the fence. In essence, Hillary sounding low-key all the way with a former high-profile part of the same movement. Security level, the United States in defense of the new situation of the Asia Pacific region - more politically sustainable, operational resilience and geographic dispersion. The Hillary is blatantly threatened, "If the discussion to the major security, political and economic issues, if they relate to our interests, then we will seek a place at the table." Territorial disputes between China and Japan issue - the Diaoyu Islands issue just became the United States to a place at the negotiating table to intervene in an excuse. The Asian tour, Hillary Clinton raised the issue of the Diaoyu Islands in the Japan-US Foreign Ministers held talks with the initiative. The one hand, the United States this proposal is intended to contain China, on the other hand also to allow the Japanese to understand little brother, big brother left the United States, the Diaoyu Islands issue will be more difficult. Only strengthen the Japan-US alliance, Japan has problems with China have enough capital. "Asahi Shimbun" Yoichi Funabashi, editorial writer in an article published in May this year, cited a U.S. official as saying: "If the U.S. Marines to leave Okinawa, and you feel that the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu I Islands - newspaper Note) What happens? next day, the Chinese national flag will be flying in those islands. " United States and Japan to join forces, not only territorial and security issues, as well as rare-earth issues such imports. Although the foreign ministers of China and the U.S. on October 30 after the talks the Chinese side is very clear that the rare earth to become a reliable supplier, but still a good discussion of the Japanese and U.S. imports to diversity of rare earth. In previous years, put much effort into the war in Iraq, A war the United States, too need to cover their hot sites in Asia, recharge your batteries. Overtly or covertly raised in Japan, "China threat theory" banner, so many years of public relations in Asian countries accumulated achievements, but also valued by the United States - for example, spent years in Japan and the ASEAN countries to establish economic cooperation, including agreements. "Only when there is a clear enemy camp, the Alliance can play a role in foreign affairs." Today, the United States to rebuild credibility in Asia, Japan, in order to overcome the mentality of the Chinese beyond the complexity of Japan and the U.S. will recoil even tighter. Security, trade, regional cooperation ... ... Japan and the U.S. this invisible woven together to put in front of a large network. China's diplomacy, is to meet new challenges.