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EU new trade strategy to announce a breakthrough in strengthening cooperation
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November 9, the EU announced called "Trade, Growth and Global Affairs," the strategic blueprint for the next five years to discuss global trade paper, which analyzes how to promote the EU's economic growth, trade and create jobs and to cut trade barriers and open the world market to European companies to compete more fairly strategic. 17, one of the main drafters of the document the European Commission Directorate General for Trade and Industry Secretary, market access Matthew Baldwin (Matthew Baldwin) media briefing held in Beijing, a brief introduction of the new EU trade policy and in particular China-related information. "The new trade policy strategy of the most basic message is: trade in favor of Europe." Baldwin straight to the point, "For this huge economic crisis, the trade is not part of the problem, but part of the solution." Foreword in the discussion paper, the EU Trade Commissioner De Gute (Karel De Gucht) wrote: "Today, the European Union 36 million jobs depend on trade, directly or indirectly." And, "through the completion of ongoing negotiations, and strategies to enhance cooperation partners to allow us to trade policy, economies of scale of about 150 billion euros. " List of new EU trade policy priorities of the next five years: first, to promote the ongoing negotiations (including the WTO Doha Round negotiations and with India, Canada and other countries of the bilateral free trade talks), launching new negotiations (including with ASEAN negotiations). Second, to deepen and upgrade with the United States, China, Russia, Japan, India and Brazil strategic partnership. Third, by trade to create jobs, promote growth and development opportunities for EU businesses. Fourth, the implementation of the EU's right to a reasonable implementation of trade policy, market access, intellectual property protection, trade protection and other aspects opposed to more action. China's new strategy involves many aspects. Baldwin China at a press conference to convey the three signals: first, to strengthen cooperation with China. Baldwin admits that the company hoped the EU could get more opportunities in China. Second, against protectionism. Baldwin said the EU did China's trade deficit, but a more balanced approach to trade is not to reduce China's exports, but to increase EU exports to China and investment. Third, establish rules-based international trading system. Baldwin brought from the newly released information and strategic point of view, the EU will be presented to the Chinese more stringent requirements, such as in an open public procurement, intellectual property protection, supply of scarce resources, market access, oppose trade protectionism and so on. Baldwin answered the same day the question raised by reporters, said the issue will be in the rare earth export more communication with China: "We will clearly express our concerns on this issue and stressed the open the importance of rare earth export quotas. We will also discuss with the Chinese rare earth export plans for 2011. "he admitted, not only in limiting the exports of rare earths in China. "China is only 37% of the reserves, but take 97% of the supply, it is not China's problem." Baldwin said the United States and Australia should "look to your own."