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Accelerate the distribution of aluminum in rare earth resources in the south
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Today, there are media reports, China Aluminum Corporation (aluminum) is negotiating with the city of Qingyuan in Guangdong Province to develop the local rare earth resources, or the framework agreement will be signed next month. This is the rare earth aluminum involved in the reorganization of the South is another strategy. According to media reports, informed sources in the form of aluminum is now rare in China Rare Earth Co., Ltd., rare earth, as the aluminum one of the company's main business section, will become a key development in the aluminum companies. In September of aluminum has signed an agreement with Jiangxi Tungsten Industry, as its controlling shareholder, involved in integration of rare earth resources in Jiangxi Province. Qingyuan rare earth rich in natural resources need to receive additional conditions in the aluminum Qingyuan is rich in rare earth resources. Reported that, at present there is contact with the area of Qingyuan, Guangdong local companies, after contact with the Qingyuan Yunnan Copper Group, the negotiations began in 2006. With the acquisition of the cloud of aluminum copper, aluminum will become negotiators. He Binghua said, according to deputy secretary of Qingyuan City, as a condition of cooperative development of rare earth, made of aluminum in Qingyuan Qingyuan the construction of a total capacity of up to 50 million tons of copper production base back home for processing aluminum ore mine in Peru. In addition, Qingyuan also proposed aluminum required to perform another promise - further processing of rare earth in the local construction industry chain and its supporting system. He Binghua said there has been general agreement in Qingyuan City framework agreement, the two sides are according to the national industrial policies and environmental policies go procedures, according to the law for approval. Qingyuan municipal government as long as the executive meeting was passed to be able to sign agreements. He expects the two sides signed an agreement early next year to the end of the project can be formed over hundreds of billions of annual output value. Rare Earth Aluminum participate in the integration of the South With the prices of rare earth in recent years, China rare earth has become an important topic of the integration. Currently, light rare earth resources in the north is mainly controlled Baotou Steel Rare Earth, the South in the heavy rare earth rich in resources, but to integrate more complex, multiple Group started the melee. Minmetals in Jiangxi and Hunan, Jiangxi Copper in Sichuan, Guangdong Rising colored in Guangdong, Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group in Guangxi, China Nonferrous Metals Group in Guangdong and Guangxi and other rare earth resources are relatively rich regions gradually increased investment. Aluminum as a latecomer, following the layout of the earth by holding the cloud of copper business, began to push into copper, iron, rare earth and other advantages of resource areas, and attempt at a scrimmage situation in the area of the South gain a place of rare earth. This year in September, the aluminum metals by Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Holding Group Co. Ltd. to increase their investment, high-profile into the Jiangxi Rare Earth Industry, rare earth plates built a new platform for development. This year in October, General Manager of Al and the Guangxi autonomous regional government Xiong and people responsible for the joint development of rare earth resources, exchange of views, the aluminum have been in Jiangxi, Guangxi and Minmetals, the color stock categories.