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Hengdian east magnetism: Outstanding achievement is small grow outside pressure
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Dimensions advantage has certain negotiation right. The company is the bibcock enterprise of industry of global ferrimagnetism data, permanent magnetism output grew 35.4% compared to the same period 2007, 16.18% what take the throughout the country, the whole world 8.92% total, be located in the world the first; 9.99% what soft magnetism holds countrywide output, 5.4% what hold global output. Dimensions advantage makes the company is had certain negotiation ability, talk things over with the client stage by stage for example rise in price, company product rises in price on average 10-30% , local alleviated raw material rises pressure. Additionally the company uses a RMB to fix a price as far as possible, negotiation of euro area client, new client uses euro close an account as far as possible; Choice opportunity will increase reserve of raw material strategy, develop supplier of abroad much channel to alleviate pressure.

Cut industry of upriver raw material. Earth of new Cheng Xi of city of another name for Jiangxi Province of hold of company accumulative total is industrial the share of 75% , from 2006 6.12 million since buying the equity of 51% , hind add two years in succession again hold equity. At present this company total assets 91 million yuan, first half of the year income 52.09 million yuan, net profit 410 thousand yuan. County of manage of the 2nd meeting east magnetism mining industry is a company after already obtaining meeting manage county to connect prospect of census of copper mine of Dong of the broach that install a town to counterpoise with price of 60 million yuan of contest, the wholy-owned subsidiary that create, total assets 4.95 million yuan, net first half of the year gain - 50 thousand yuan. The 3rd Yunnan east magnetism nonferrous metal was April 2008 by company out 6 million yuan joint-stock hold water, main scope of operations is washing of nonferrous metal mine, smelt reachs his accessary product sale, mineral products tastes purchase and sale. This company total assets 1, one hundred and two thousand five hundred yuan, net assets nine million five hundred and sixty-three thousand one hundred yuan, net first half of the year gain - four hundred and thirty-six thousand nine hundred yuan.