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Weekly publication of nonferrous metal trade
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This report period each are basic the metal deduces general to drop prices, among them stannum, zinc drops the biggest, issue defeat respectively 14.41% with 11.41% . Go from the price in light of situation, nickel, zinc is in respectively drop passageway, near future of copper, aluminous price also goes weak stage by stage, and of plumbic price rebound impetus not one as above reports period so driving, the likelihood will is in arrange level.

Report period gold price drops on continuance trend, originally the defeat below report period Comex and in pairs of SHFE gold quoted price 5.74% with 3.64% , and gold inventory did not see apparent transaction however, the adjustment of price of early days gold level evolves into those who be the near future to drop stage by stage posture, prospective gold goes situation be gone the heavy goods price such as situation and oil to affect again by the dollar, need to pay close attention to continuously.

This week tungsten market lasts low fan, price hasten is firm, clinch a deal delicate, have partial stock, support wait-and-see attitude to the market, international market also as before fatigued and weak. At present European tungsten tastes contraband to disappear from the scene basically, ferrotungsten price is stable, ferrotungsten of cervine spy red keeps 34.60-36 dollar / kilogram tungsten, european APT price still is in 252-256 dollar / ton degree, clinch a deal exiguous.

Pull open in rare opium trade " stop production support value " foreword behind the curtain, rare land price keeps stable after running period of time, accuse at our newspaper period show downtrend again. Going up besides price of cerium of oxidation lanthanum, oxidation after report period appreciably rises, keep smooth outside moving, price of praseodymium of oxidation praseodymium neodymium, oxidation neodymium, oxidation drops somewhat, cause rare earth integrated price drops 4.33% .

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