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Market of atrophy of hydrochloric acid demand is not lukewarm not fire
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Because downstream demand is finite, price of hydrochloric acid of area of part of near future our country somewhat fall after a rise, the market lasts low fan, not lukewarm not igneous trend as before apparent. But market personage thinks, september hopeful of hydrochloric acid market is heated up afresh rise.
Enter 3 quarters, fall after a rise of sale price of our country hydrochloric acid, and greater value difference exists between area. Last week, chemical combination of report of Jiangsu An Bang leaves factory into hydrochloric acid, the price is in 400 yuan (ton valence, similarly hereinafter) the left and right sides, reduce 80 yuan; Zhejiang be apt to is high pure acid leaves factory quote is in 500 the left and right sides, case of synthetic acid value is in 400 yuan, the sale is stable, the level waits in library existence; Anhui is chloric newest quote is alkaline hydrochloric acid 750 yuan, device runs relative stability. From Huadongde region market looks, hydrochloric acid (31 % ) the last ten-day of a month in August keeps the price in 620 yuan, show low arrange posture.
Company of our country rare land stops value of more area hydrochloric acid is to glide all the way more. If rate of go into operation of company of rare land of Inner Mongolia area is reduced, to hydrochloric acid slow down in demand, plus fluid of chloric alkaline enterprise chloric slow-moving, crop of manual control hydrochloric acid, make market goods throws a quantity to increase, the price also is reduced accordingly, producer price is in 350-500 yuan between. The enterprise is mixed according to hydrochloric acid crop those who sell the market is different, can adjust sale price neatly, if Baotou area hydrochloric acid arrives,commodity price case is in 550-600 yuan.
Price of Shaanxi area hydrochloric acid suffers the effect of crop, this locality producer price is in commonly 400-450 yuan. Ningxia region producer price is in 400, 450 yuan, company foundation circumstance of oneself fluid chloric inventory, make to hydrochloric acid price adjust. Ningxia area is chloric now alkaline enterprise is alkaline chloric unbalance, hydrochloric acid crop is bigger, downstream business is not good to hydrochloric acid demand, low steady prices is in the market, : Paragraph still will continue inside time. Shenyang chemical industry is northeast area the biggest synthesis hydrochloric acid produces a business, stop production will make crop of northeast area hydrochloric acid reduces about 4000 tons August, but resume production recently, make crop of market hydrochloric acid increases again.
Hydrochloric acid market level glides, in the final analysis still leads the atrophy of problem and Bo You demand as a result of environmental protection, start working. Introduce according to chief of department of the gigantic product that change sick at heart, go into operation of chloric alkaline company does not stabilize Hua Dong area, take manual control more to hydrochloric acid crop, the control that additionally highway traffic carries also is formed to hydrochloric acid export restrict. Among them, as a result of,downstream enterprise returns Zhejiang area environmental protection problem, start working rate falls apparently, affected the sale of hydrochloric acid greatly.
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