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Nonferrous metal: Report of monthly of October of nonferrous metal industry is a
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Although world each country is giving counsel in join forces of be of one mind,maintain the stability of international money market jointly, but this only then the United States in Feburary 2007 second borrow the crisis to evolve up to now will how wind up, to the world economy will cause how old impact after all, our unknown. OK and affirmative is this financial crisis that grow in intensity will be opposite from each respects the influence with each crucial factor far-reaching generation that affects metallic price, bring about metallic price to produce acuteness wave motion thereby.

Apparent evidence makes clear, recently since 2 months, the metallic commodity more that marks a price with the dollar is the complexion act that sees a dollar. Reason believes, a few the middle of a month of future, below the premise that did not produce marked change in other price influencing factor, of the dollar go situation is probable will still take effect of the dominant since situation to metallic price.

The market is anxious to what global economy puts delay is heavy goods (head with nickel and copper) experience in a month in recent years the biggest drop another main reason.

PMI index can the change that demand of metal of better land report increases: The PMI index of western economy system is already successive a few months drops, had approached the lowermost level 2001 at present, but still glide to had seen an end without what any evidence make clear PMI index at present. Second borrow the crisis to still stay in financial industry for the most part to economic harm, had not appeared possibly to the circumstance with the worst conduction of hypostatic economy. Opposite for, PMI index of China will rebound September to 51.2 become the target that can express a hope exclusively. But the change of Chinese PMI index also has huge uncertainty, this depends on develop the gain that economic system economy puts the degree that delay conducts to Chinese economy and Chinese government to be able to adopt how old economy to stimulate policy weichis, once Chinese PMI index falls once more,defeat 50, will bring greater pressure to global metal demand. Of course, if Chinese economy goes situation is bad without what the market anticipates, so of near future metal the fault that dropping considerably may be the market only is killed.

Rare earth: Price of rare earth oxide continues to adjust, bag steel rare earth (600111) see denotative dilate 9 years; Apical

Copper: Flourishing of neither of supply and demand, of demand of the city after be opposite be anxious to cause panicky sex to cast dish;

Aluminous: Entire trade deficit, electroanalysis aluminous enterprise faces cold winter;

Zinc: Although consider supply is interrupted, 2009 will still many and superfluous;

Lead: China is successive the gross that only import volume of two months is equivalent to beginning an entrance to rise from 1995;
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