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Industry and informatization ministry set orgnaization and personnel staff provi
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General office of the State Council is mixed about industry of print and distribute the announcement that informatization ministry basically sets orgnaization and personnel staff provision inside duty

The country does hair [2008]72 date

Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:

" industry and informatization ministry set orgnaization and personnel staff provision inside main responsibility " already approval of the State Council, grant now print and distribute.

General office of the State Council

Two years on July 11


Industry and informatization ministry are main duty

Orgnaization and personnel staff provision are set inside

According to eleventh the plan of structural reorganization of the State Council that conference of first time of National People's Congress approves and " the announcement that the State Council installs about the orgnaization " (the country is sent [2008]11 date) , create industry and informatization department, form a department for the State Council.

One, duty is adjusted

(One) the industrial industry that develop the nation and reforms committee manages and informatization delimits about duty industry and informatization ministry, specific include: Research puts forward industry to develop the strategy, draft industrial industry program and industrial policy to be organized carry out; Of code of technology of directive industry industry and occupation standard draft; Provide limits of authority by the State Council, examine and approve, mix inside approve state program course of study of the industry inside annual plan dimensions, communication and project of investment of informatization fixed assets; Of the program that biology medicine, new material involves to wait in hi-tech industry, policy and standard draft reach an organization to carry out; The organization leads chime attune to revitalize equipment manufacturing industry, nation of constituent work out is major technical equipment program, coordinate relevant policy; Industry moves daily monitor; The energy-saving, resource of course of study of industry, communication is used integratedly and clean production promotes the work; The guidance to medium and small businesses and give aid to; The State Council reduces time of company load department the routine of joint meeting; The country is fulfilled " prohibit chemical weapon convention " , the work that reserve of medicine of administration of development of rare opium industry, salt industry, country supervises, administrative nation tobacco is monopolistic the duty of the bureau.

(2) committee of industry of science and technology of will former national defence divides nuclear report to manage the duty beyond to delimit industry and informatization ministry. The duty such as construction of ability of core of war industry of the major item that organizes production of harmonious weaponry scientific research among them, safeguard delimits bureau of industry of science and technology of national national defense.
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