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The new-style chela mixture that has economic value passes appraisal
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The new-style chela mixture that the former put oneself in another's position that a kind of mutation, important to tumor, genetic gene virus is like AIDS to wait diagnoses research to have economic value passed appraisal in Jilin province a few days ago. The expert thinks, study achievement has taller innovation sex, achieved domestic congener research banner level. The project will learn to consider and eliminate environment of radioactivity pollution, protection to have important sense to group of gene, albumen.

By application of Changchun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences chemical institute assumes " rare earth of analysis of immunity of time resolution fluorescence is duplex chela mixture is synthesized " the project is polluted with eliminating radioactivity, raise biology active material to analyse sensitivity to be a purpose, combinative fluorescence is become picture, immune group is changed, chip of fixed position cross, DNA and online detect demand, does immunity analyse fluorescence of is those who build own innovation resolution of solid photograph time (does TRFIA) system solve crucial technology problem? ? What development uses at protein and DNA mark is new-style duplex chela mixture.

Research replaces protein of radio isotope mark with rare earth, avoided radioactivity material half-life box of long, reagent service life the malpractice such as pollution of short, environment. Through organic - inorganic distributes a compound synthesis and functional research, develop synthesis first one kind has fluorescent function, usable Yu Xi earth and protein connective are new-style duplex chela mixture 4, 4 ′ - 2 (1 ″ , 1 ″ , 1 ″ ? 3 fluorine - 2 ″ , 4 ″ - Ding Er ketone - 6 ″ - acyl radical) - chloric sulphonating adjacent is triplex benzene (BTBCT) , wait for token via chart of hydrogen of magnetism of infra-red, ultimate analysis, nucleus, proved the structure of BTBCT, established the synthetic course of BTBCT and method. Project group still stems from the need that explores to structure of new chela mixture, right organic - impact of effect of the design synthesis that inorganic mixes a compound, compose and function undertook study, preparation a variety of intermediate body. The test of the absorption that passes the chela that pair of this chela mixture and Eu3 ion, protein forms to close matter, fluorescent emissive spectrum and relevant parameter, the result shows BTBCT has two-way join function.