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Steely Lian Zhu / the research of efficient purify method of the greasy filth in
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Steely Lian Zhu / the most harmful contaminant is greasy filth in water of annulus of the chaotic that join press hard against each other, method of traditional processing liquid waste sheds the class after precipitation, advection precipitation is mixed to filter to come back more, its are main the principle is to depend on medium gravity depart and filter makings hole are held back, hole adsorption holds back medium depart.

Depart of rare earth disk purifies a technology is technology of depart of magnetism of metallurgy liquid waste is farther perfect and sublimate, magnetic force character is strong, action area is large, and greasy filth contains a lot offerric oxide, in having guide by force magnetism is characteristic, make its become processing iron and steel to connect casting / the efficient purify method of the greasy filth in liquid waste of loop of the chaotic that join press hard against each other.

Depart of rare earth disk purifies liquid waste technology is to use the excel in magnetism of magnetically hard material of Tie Peng of rare earth neodymium to be able to be accumulated, those who pass rare earth disk get together magnetism combination, realize the intensity of tall magnetic field of working space and gradient of tall magnetic field, make iron and steel connects casting / particle of material of the ferromagnetism in the liquid waste that join press hard against each other and coagulate through medical magnetism garrulous adsorptive what go up in its is non-magnetic corporeal particle and emulsification oil, below effect of magnetic field strength, overcome the mechanical outside force such as fluid obstruction and atomic gravity, produce fast and directional motion, adsorption is in surface of rare earth disk, depart the suspension content in liquid waste and oily adsorption thereby come out, repass separates unit of magnetism discharge broken bits the adsorptive content debus of surface of disk of will rare earth, dig enters helix chamfer, via output of non-magnetic plant is defeated by broken bits, realize steely Lian Zhu / purify and use even make friends liquid waste circularly.

Liquid waste of metallurgy of processing of magnetism depart technology is recently 20 years the new and high technology that development rises, its are main the characteristic is Lian Zhu of processing low density, can large flow / the liquid waste that join press hard against each other. Although liquid waste is medium suspension content size is small, oil content is big, but of suspension content not lower than magnetic susceptibility, pass the magnetic force of strong magnetomotivity and large area to contact, can better depart purifies this kinds of waste water. Abroad, the 2 seconds centrifuge of the MAGNADISC of Sweden and United States, Japan is in processing of metallurgy liquid waste get applied. Of the advantage of natural resources of rare land of profit from our country and metallurgy enterprise exceed constant development, at present the our country magnetism depart in metallurgy liquid waste already preceded on the technology Japan and United States.
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