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In plant sex food of rare earth determine method
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This standard stipulated with prismatic luminosity triple wave long way determines the method of rare earth.
This standard applies to corn commissariat, vegetable, fruit in of rare earth determine, does lowermost check go out be restricted 0.1? G(5g sample) .
2 nouns, term
Rare Earth of 2.1 rare earth
Cycle expresses Ⅲ kind deputy a group of things with common features elemental Scandium, yttrium and the floorboard that lanthanum is an element.
3 principles
Rare-earth element and occasionally azotic swollen Ⅲ , occasionally composition of complexing of guanidine of reagent of mixture complexing of azotic swollen K, 2 benzene is multivariate complexing content, when PH3.3, grow labour method with triple wave at 1=680 Nm, 2=660 Nm, good qualities of 3=640 Nm wave measures a photograph to answer light to absorb value A, by computation type is begged piece
value, compare ration with corresponding series of standard.
4 reagent
All reagent asks the analysis is simple (AR) reagent, uses water is distilled water or comparative the water of purity.
4.1 hydrochloric acid
4.2 vitriolic.
4.3 nitric acid.
4.4   30% cross oxidation hydrogen.
Solution of 4.5 hydrochloric acid
C(HCl) = 6mol/L. The quantity takes 100mL hydrochloric acid (4.1) , use water dilute to 200mL.
4.6 vitriolic solution
C(1/2H2SO4) = 6mol/L. The quantity takes 50mL vitriolic (4.2) , slowly in pouring 200mL water, refrigeration hind adds water to 300mL.
4.7 vitriolic solution
C(1/2H2SO4) = 3mol/L. Take 100mL 6mol/L vitriolic fluid (4.6) adds water dilute to 200mL.
Fluid of amortize of acerbity ammonia of 4.8 chloric second
Fall into 900mL water with 36mL concentrated ammonia liquor, slowly join 50g - chloric second is acerbity, 15min is placed after dissolving, adjust on PH plan to PH3.3. Add water to 1000mL.
4.9   100g/L solution of sulphur radical salicylic acid
Say to take 10g sulphur radical is salicylic, add 80mL Shui Rong to solve, with solid hydrogen oxidation sodium adjustment PH is worth close 3.3(to need 20 ~ about 30) , reoccupy the ammonia water of 1 or hydrochloric acid move 1 + to PH3.3, add water dilute to 100mL.
Solution of ascorbic acid of 4.1   50g/L
Weigh ascorbic acid extraction 5g, after dissolving with 90mL water, with 1 + the ammonia water of 1 or hydrochloric acid adjust to PH3.3, add water dilute to 100mL, face when using, make up.
4.11   150g/L juice of alcohol of 2 benzene guanidine
Say to take 15g 2 benzene guanidine, with 5mL water wet, add hydrochloric acid solution (4.5)15mL, 60mL alcohol is joined below ceaseless agitate, 1 + is used after dissolving the ammonia water of 1 or hydrochloric acid adjust PH is worth 3.3 the left and right sides, use alcohol complemental to 100mL, ultimate solution should transparent, must not have precipitation or thing of lacteal chaotic shape.
4.12 occasionally azotic swollen Ⅲ - occasionally azotic lung K mixes complexing reagent (reagent of K of Ⅲ of the following abbreviation)
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